Taking part in the celebration

Children help with special services: on Palm Sunday, Easter, Mother's Day, Christmas and more.

Teens on a Mission

In recent years, we've sent youth teams to Haiti and the Dominican Republic to repair and improve homes.

Lending a Hand

Our youth volunteer at local nonprofits, from Neighborhood House to the Y to It Takes a Village.

Let's eat!

Picnics, pizzas, brunches, snacks, barbecue, dinners and more: we've got it covered!

Expanding their world

Organized outdoor sports, from snow tubing in winter to biking in summer, offer fun for all.
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Engaging Kids in Scripture

The children's sermon each Sunday is popular with kids and adults too. The Rev. Jeff Gargano gets creative in capturing children's attention, often using costumes, props and humor to bring a Bible lesson to life. Says the pastor, "I've been doing it for 30 years. It engages kids and establishes the theme for the worship service in a way that connects with children." It's working, as the number of children who head to the altar to listen attest--up from almost none just eight years ago, when Rev. Gargano arrived. "We've attracted young families," says Rev. Gargano, some through the church's connection with New Beginnings Nursery School, and others through the planning and outreach done by  Moira, Katie and other mothers. Children come to worship with their family, then depart for Sunday School after their sermon. Above are some of our favorite chlidren's sermons, captured in images.

Caring for Service Members Serving Overseas

In the photos below, Sunday School children write Christmas greetings and thank-yous to active-duty military men and women who will be serving overseas this holiday season. The cards are sure to warm the hearts of all who receive them. The cards will accompany holiday care packages of items bought with Sunday School offerings and assembled by the children, and sent through the organization Operation Gratitude.
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Big Day at the Town Clock Church

Recognition of Students   It's the end of the Sunday School year at the Town Clock Church, and on Sunday, June 18, the children were presented with small gifts and certificates for their participation. Below, Jeremy Goldsmith, music co-director at the church, leads the children in a song. Sunday School teacher Sara Elder is at lower right.
Recognition of Graduates Pastor Jeff congratulated teens who graduated from high school this month.
Recognition of Sunday School Teachers and Nursery Caretakers  Sunday School teachers and nursery caretakers were recognized and thanked for their service by Consistory Vice President Renee Chillemi, at far right.
Celebration of Fathers Dads weren't forgotten on this Fathers Day. All the men in the congregation were treated to lollipops, presented by the children during the worship service.

Sunday School Fundraising Nears Goal; Kids Visit Animal Rescue

Sunday School kids visited Paws Crossed in Elmsford on May 1.

The Sunday School kids have been very engaged since last fall in raising money for their chosen organizations. In addition to their weekly offerings, the Noisy Can Drive held Sunday April 28 yielded $244, a great success! We are now very close to the $700 goal we set at the beginning of the school year.

To better understand where the money they are raising is going, throughout the month of May the kids will be learning more about the three organizations they chose to support.

  • The kids loved visiting Paws Crossed in Elmsford on May 1 (pictured, right). Their mission is to "rescue one by one until there are none." They rescue, rehabilitate and rehome orphaned pets.
  • On May 7 we will have a visitor from Sparrows Nest during our normal Sunday School time. Sparrow's Nest of the Hudson Valley provides two meals weekly to the families of parents diagnosed with cancer.
  • On May 14 we will view a short informational video about Heifer International during Sunday School time. The mission of this organization is to work with communities to end world hunger and poverty and to care for the earth.

Looking ahead:

  • On May 21st our Sunday School kids will be singing “Make a Servant” during the service.
  • June 18th is our last day of official Sunday School for the year; the children will not only participate in the service that day, but will receive end-of-year gifts from the Sunday School staff.
  • When summer worship starts at the Old Dutch Church, there will be childcare for children up to age 8.

As we wrap up this Sunday School year, we’re already looking forward to next fall. We’ve been blessed with a Sunday School that continues to grow, which means we will need some extra helpers with our kids! For anyone who is interested in helping, even just occasionally, please contact Sara Elder, our new head of the Sunday School program, at the church office, tel. 914-631-4497

Helping Out

One of the duties of the Sunday School children is to ring the bell to announce the start of the Sunday worship service. In the photo at far left, several pitch in to get the job done. In the fellowship hour after Sunday School, there's a sweet treat--cake--and a cozy place to enjoy it.


Preteen Art Project Helps Brighten Up the Community

Preteens Carly, Temper, Donovan, Zach and Oliver are looking ahead to summer, when these two Adirondack chairs, which they painted in colorful designs, will offer a place in Tarrytown parks to rest and enjoy the outdoors. Thanks go to Chris Blatt, Neighborhood House art director, who invited our  parish preteens to join in their community project. See more photos on the Sunday School & Nursery page.

Communion for the Young Ones

Communion is held during worship on the first Sunday of each month, and the children are invited.
Above, Pastor Jeff and elder Aubrey Hawes conduct the Sacrament on March 5.


Sunday School Offerings to Benefit Four Charities

The Sunday School children have collected $180 so far in offerings since the school year began. Last October, they selected four charities to receive the total offerings next June. They thought locally and globally, and about all of God's creation. Here are their choices:
Paws Crossed: an animal rescue organization in Elmsford, N.Y.
Sparrows Nest:
A Hudson Valley organization that provides two meals, once a week, to the families of caregivers diagnosed with cancer.
Heifer International: An organization that provides livestock and techniques in husbandry to families around the world.
Community Food Pantry: Based at Christ Church, the Community Food Pantry distributes bags of food to nearly 200 local families.
The Giving Giraffe (pictured) helps the children mark their progress by "earning its spots"--the children add new spots at the beginning of each month. The goal: $700 by June.

Dim Sum = YUM!

Several Sunday School children, teens and parents traveled by train to the city on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, to enjoy a dim sum meal together at Jin Fong restaurant, followed by ice cream at Chinatown Ice Cream Factory.


Mission Team Returns from Haiti, Sets New Goal


Our teen mission team appeared before the congregation of the Old Dutch Church on Sunday, July 31, led by Juliette Phillips and Jack Steuer, who presented a slide show and talked about their week in Haiti in July. Nine teens traveled to that poverty-stricken country to help repair the homes of poor Haitian families living in a small village. The teens challenged the congregation to raise $4,000 to build a new home for a needy Haitian family. The host ministry, Helping Hands for Haiti, was supported by many Reformed, Christian Reformed and Lutheran churches in the Midwest. Pictured in the group photo (left to right):Matt Bischof, Owen Steele, Nathan Gargano, Tesher Zafrin, Juliette Phillips, Hunter Burnett, Katie Miles, and Jack Steuer in front. Kevon Lewis is not pictured. Above left: Jack and Juliette before the congregation; above right: Juliette Phillips.
Read about and see photos of their week in Haiti.   


Sunday School Luncheon Honors Students

On April 17, the Middle School students (Temper, Oliver, John, Carly, Zachary, and Helen), their mentors (Sara Elder, Sue Nagle, Joann Nisco, John Phillips, John Chow, Lauren McBride), elders (Clifton Steurer, Keith Elder, Renee Chillemi, Aubrey Hawes) and Pastor Jeff, Pastor Mashona and Sunday School teacher Moira Gargano attended a luncheon to mark the end of the "I Believe" program section of Sunday School.  Sunday School's regular curriculum resumed April 24.  The students were given copies of the Heidelberg Catechism. 

Learning about NYC's Emergency Response Center

Teenagers were invited to tour the Office of Emergency Management in Brooklyn on President's Day.  Two teens, Nathan and Scottie, accepted the offer, joining Ms. Moira and Mr. Rob on a tour that included the OEM's  citywide emergency operation center and its media command station for issuing emergency alerts. The group also had a look at interim disaster housing models for stationing in neighborhoods where people may have had to evacuate their homes. "We were a small group, and as always, our church program always finds a way to eat," said Moira, afterward they had pizza and ice cream in one of New York's most popular pizza places, Grimaldi's. Pictured: at the Brooklyn Bridge.

Sunday School Children Rehearse

The Sunday School is rehearsing "He is Lord" to be sung May 22 in the worship service. Above, Jeremy Goldsmith, RCT music director, demonstrates a move. Second from left is Moira Gargano; fifth from left is Sara Elder, Sunday School teachers. 

Kids' Klatsch

Children dig into birthday cake on a recent Sunday during fellowship hour in the Friendship Room. 

Snowtubing Fun

Fun was had by all who took part in an evening of snowtubing at Thunder Ridge in Vernon, NJ, on Feb. 19. Six teenagers took part - Nicholas, Nathan, Scotty, Clara, Matty and Diego. Youth Pastor Mashona and Mr. Rob accompanied them. Afterward the group had dinner at a local Burger King.

Teens Volunteer at the Neighborhood House

Church teens Kevon Lewis and Nathan Gargano worked up a sweat on a recent mild Saturday in early January, moving furniture from the Neighborhood House to the curb for pickup. Thanks, guys! We're proud of our volunteers, who give many hours doing good works in our community.

Christmas Pageant 2014 at the Town Clock Church